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Working with Geo-spatial Technology and environment is challenging but very interesting one. Before going into social activities we always need practical technology. The technology becomes a product due to common uses and universal acceptance. We introduce the product on environmental-geoinformatics.


Real Project For Practical Solutions

Theory is a result of practical observation. Technology is a tool for observation. We run the survey process and implement the technology for the practical observations. Geo-informatics is the tool for practical environmental studies. It does not only beverage the scoop of geo-informatics technology but also accelerate the environmental understanding. We represent our products for the following traits.

  • We delineate the environmental elements in digital form
  • We study the environmental events and collect the records
  • We prepare the real time environmental maps with real time data
  • We enumerate the statistical result of spatio-temporal events with analytical basis
  • We serve the result for common and special use

Digital Mapping

Irrespective of satellite imageries on the background the application is enable to draw the vectors online and also offline.

Instrumental Survey

Special and customized application tools are provided to collect the perfect spatio-temporal information for our environment.

Query and analysis

The product is built to harness specific information regarding the geographical and environmental elements of the map base. The product is enabled to make predefine queries and analysis techniques.

Map Publication

The real time data base of geographical and environmental elements are served through the application channels to the common or authorized people for their specific purposes.

Our Technology

The technology is the portrait of innovative ideas and concepts.Technology is also a channel for enriching the concepts.We have blended technological and social concepts in the same product.Improving the social behaviour is the ultimate goal of our technological application.

Base Map

The land base vector is prepared with the help of particular imagery provided in our web based application.The work on base map may be done online and offline also.

Survey Tools

The survey tools are specially customized to collect geographical and environmental data and directly transmit to and retrieve form the server.This is a conjugated part of instrumentation and survey.

Environmental Maps

The vectors of environmental elements are represented along with the geographical data to show the pattern of existence.The map pertaining to the environmental data is enabled for certain types of analysis.

Navigation Map

The navigation map is featured with rich real-time road networks and POI data.Our unique navigation map is enabled with special features of day by day utilities.

Activity map

The activity map is a portrait of task schedule completed by the user of this application for the social and technological works.This activity map not only keeps the record of events but also promotes the healthy competitions among the users for improving the technological growth and the social well-being.

Swatch Bharat Index Map

The mathematical indexing is done with the help of real time data and automated tools.The users will be able to prepare the status of cleanliness in terms of index value.This will represent the comparative situation of environmental improvement.

Getting Started

Technology is the assembly and application of techniques to see and work on the technical traits. You need to enter into our geo-spatial world.

Meet The Team

Continuous research and development is our activity and leveraging the scoop of geo-spatial technology is the ultimate aim of our team members. The team is the assembly of enthusiastic people in their respective domains.

Roger Garfield

Concept Builders


Concept builders contribute to building the blue print of the project,preparing SOP and analytical improvements.The esteemed director the main concept builder of this programme.

Roger Garfield

Designers & Developers

Sr. Programmers, Sr. Web Designers,
Sr. Web Developer

The development section always contributed for designing and developing the product with the help of latest technology.They are also engaged in maintaining the dynamism of the entire work affair.

Roger Garfield

Technical & Social Implementers

Sr. Geographical Analysts, System
Server administrator, Sr. Surveyor

The technical and the social implementers are the main activists on the implementation side.They are engaged in data processing,surveying,training and consulting the work affairs of the programme.

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